What is a YAML File ?

“YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages.”

Visit the YAML website for more informations.

Visit the YAML code for Matlab.

You have to update the YAML configuration files in order to use correctly Matlab toolbox.

The YAML configuration files

Three YAML configuration files are used in the Matlab toolbox :

How to modify YAML configuration files ?

Please find the 3 YAML configuration files in the YAML folder.


Figure 8 Screenshot of the YAML configuration file used for indenter’s properties.

indenters_config.yaml can be used to change indenter’s properties :

  • Write your Indenter_ID(s) (e.g. : Conical indenter, Berk_TB10161_091208, …);
  • Write indenter’s properties (e.g. : Berk_TB10161_091208: [22.233, 437.603, 127.765, -417.878, -84.0989, 0]);


  • For user-defined indenters, make the name of the indenter begins with the 4th first letters of the indenter name (e.g.: ‘Berk_130214’ for ‘Berkovich’).
  • Do not remove standard indenters and standard materials !

data_config.yaml can be used to set the default absolute path for the folder where you store your indentation data.

numerics_config.yaml can be used to change the numerical parameters used by the toolbox from their standard values.


  • Be careful to put a comma + a space between each data…! (YAML convention)
  • Use # in the beginning of the line to add comments.

It is also possible to edit and to load the different YAML configuration files, via the customized menu of the GUI.


To open and to modify these YAML files, you can directly use Matlab or any code editor (e.g. : Notepad++).